Business Builder Programme

Each month join your peer group for a facilitated and interactive session.

What will the Business Builder Programme do for you?

Your Guarantee: All we ask is an initial minimum commitment of 3 months, you can then cancel at any time by giving 1 months notice.

At any stage you can opt for annual billing and receive a 10% discount versus the monthly fees.

Given the current situation and government guidelines we’re delivering the Business Building Programme (BPP) entirely online (live or recorded) so you can benefit from logging in from the comfort of your own home/office (or the beach/campsite/hotel) and attend in pyjamas etc.. although you’ll get most benefit by joining the live calls to join fellow delegates in processing the content and sharing actions in real time.

What’s included

After a short check-in process each session will deliver high quality content in a number of subject areas (see below) which will create your foundation to build the business of your dreams. You’ll be provided with How To Guides to complete and be able to discuss progress and challenges with fellow delegates on a private group chat.

Silver Membership

Maximum of 10 members per group.

60 minute session each month.

First Tuesday of month: 9.30 am to 10.30 am

0-20: Review of greatest businesses challenges and opportunities

20-50: Presentation on ‘core topic’

50-60: Action Plan

(Note: Times will be flexible dependent on the group dynamics)


Gold Membership

Maximum of 8 members group.

90 minute session each month.

First Thursday of month: 9.30 am to 11.00 am

0-30: Review of greatest businesses challenges and opportunities

30-60: Presentation on ‘core topic’

60-90: Action planning + Hot Seat if required

(Note: Times will be flexible dependent on the group dynamics)

PLUS – Personal Coaching: a monthly 1-2-1 call with your coach to deep dive into your particular challenges – these are the sessions which will bring about the change and accountability for change your business needs. The sessions will focus on the creation and delivery of the structured plan which is created from the videos.

So you’ll be here because you are a business owner and feel there is more available (or something missing) and you want some of it.

You’ll either want more business, or be feeling frustration at your rate of growth, or want to stem the decline or you might just want to feel in control and feel good about life and your business – it could be 101 other reasons but basically – you need to change.

And change seldom happens by chance – there is many a business owner who has woken up hoping things will be different today – and unfortunately everyday ends up pretty much the same.

Join us and let us be your guide to improve life for you, you’ll have the help and support of an experienced business coach, a successful accountant and like-minded business owners with a range of skills to compliment your skillset.

The BBP is a structured plan to help you build the necessary foundations into your business and help you be at you best every day with the support of a high performing team.

Just for a moment imagine what you want your business to look like in 3 years time – and now imagine it actually performing like you’ve imagined – you will be a different person moving from being a reactive firefighter to being proactive, from frustrated to confident and from feeling out of control to being in control.  You’ll be in demand from friends, colleagues and acquaintances to know how you did it. 

But it all starts here with making the decision to take action and join our programme today.

“I wanted to be in a coaching environment to help me improve me be better as an individual in my business. The facilitators have been influential in how I look at my business.”

Gerard Duggan – Utilitrack

Topics covered during monthly sessions

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