Business Mastermind Groups

Are you looking to work in close partnership with likeminded solution experts local to you?

Highly targetted referral opportunities are proactively generated by the group - brief outline below.

Desired Outcome of the Business Mastermind Group

Work to know and trust everyone in the group, understand what all members do and how clients benefit from each service, so as a group, we can work together to achieve the following.

  • Establish a clear picture of your ‘Ideal Client’ and your capacity to accommodate more business. Where possible, understand how to identify businesses with an active need for your services.
  • Confirm there are no ‘Client Dissatisfaction’ issues that might slow the process, if there are, work to ensure these are addressed to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • With the above in place you are ‘Referral Ready’, the group can work together to introduce and recommend you to ‘qualified’ potential clients, at a time and frequency of your choosing.

There is no pre-requisite nor obligation for your company to make introductions to the group in return if it is not appropriate.  Our motivation should be to help our clients identify and work with good suppliers. Our reward? Stronger client relationships, greater Client Satisfaction, improved retention and referrals.

Return on Investment:  If group members recommend you to as many businesses as you can accommodate, each matching your ideal client profile, what would the financial impact be for your business?

    a) How many introductions could your business handle in the next 12 months?
    b) What is your anticipated ‘close rate’ for referred business?
    c) What is your expected Gross Profit Margin on sales to your best clients?
        No. (a) x % Close Rate (b) x % Gross Profit Margin = Value of New Referral Group Business Plus:

If retention, the value of new clients acquired, and sales conversion improve significantly; the increase in profitablity should be substantial.

Business Mastermind Group Meetings and when you can expect to start receiving Referrals:

You will inevitably receive referrals from other group members as soon as you share your good client feedback. However, these referrals will be ‘reactive’, not necessarily well targeted, controllable or scalable.  The quality, timing and number of reactive referrals will always be variable at best.

This all changes when you are ‘Referral Ready’…

Once you are ‘Referral Ready’, you can receive ‘proactive’ introductions to potential clients who need your services. Businesses who match your ideal client profile, referred in the quantity you desire and at a time of your choosing.

For the average businesses, it takes 6 months to become ‘Referral Ready’.  The Group’s Referral Mastermind process will run for an initial 6 months, facilitated and supported by David Mack and Steve Darnell and hosted by Sean Farnell from Burgis and Bullock.  The group will cover the following main topics:

  • Becoming ‘Referral Ready’ and receiving warm, targeted introductions to qualified prospects.
  • Maximising ‘Close Rates’ for referred business ensuring introduced clients receive a great experience.
  • Implementation Issues – peer support to help you address ‘Implementation and Related Challenges’.

We will be using a combination of face to face and online meetings, plus one to one, personal telephone support to help you become Referral Ready as quickly as possible. The outline agenda for the first 6 months is below.

Format of Meetings and Support Each Month:


  • Face to Face: Monthly meetings held at a mutally agreed location each month.
  • Online Meetings: These will be run at a time most convenient to those in the group.  The objective of the online meetings is to help maintain momentum by reviewing progress and unblocking barriers to progress.
  • Telephone Support: You are free to contact David Mack or Steve Darnell by telephone if you have any questions or need help with any part of the process outside of the formal meetings.

Project Management, Tools and Templates:

You will be provided with a fully populated Project Management System for the entire process.  This can be accessed online at any time by you and any members of your team to whom you delegate responsibility for completing certain tasks.

The Project Management System is extremely easy to use and provides instructions plus all the tools and templates you will need, so everything is at your fingertips whenever you need it.

You will also receive your own personalised work book and the key documents you will need if you prefer working with pre-printed materials.

Investment:  £395 +VAT Per Month, (covers face to face meeting, online support calls, telephone support, project management tools and templates).  

Guarantee:  If at the end of any month you feel you are not receiving good value from the time you are investing to work on your Business we will refund your monthly investment, simple as that.

Client Satisfaction Interviews, Content Creation and Marketing Automation:

If you have plenty of evidence of Client Satisfaction and your marketing / client communications are already working well, congratulations, the process will be quick and you can look forward to receiving warm introductions almost immediately.

In our experience, every business has clients who are not 100% happy, there are hidden issues and problems inherent in their work flow processes that repeatedly cause irritation and client dissatisfaction.

If you need help with Client Satisfaction Interviews, Content Creation or Marketing Automation, we recommend you commission a Client Engagement Audi to be carried out by Enquir3, as an independent third party.  

The standard Client Engagement Audit involves up to 10 attempts to conduct each ‘client satisfaction interview’ with a total of 10 clients.  Examples of the Content that can be created from each interview and the use of the Marketing Automation technology will be explained as part of the ‘Audit’.

The Client Engagement Audit normally reveals previously unidentified clients who have ‘concerns’ or ‘issues’ that can quickly and easily be addressed.  Doing so frequently results in additional sales opportunities that come to light providing an immediate return on investment in the cost of the Audit.

Investment:  The Enquir3 Client Engagement Audit costs £399 +vat and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Agenda for the first 6 Months:

Month 1:    Client Feedback: Evidence of Satisfaction.  Review the System, Tools, Technology and Processes. Clarifying and Sharing Capacity and Business Growth Aspirations.

Month 2:    Communications Content Creation:  Objectives and Process.  Client Engagement / Interview & Feedback Strategy and Immediate Action Plan.  Quick Win Referral Opportunities and Exploitation.

Month 3:    Client Communication: Implementation and Automation.  Obtaining Feedback from ‘Other’ Clients –  Feedback App and Online.  Use and Deployment of the Automated Referral Request and Reward System.

Month 4:    Addressing the Causes of Dissatisfaction: via Cross Functional Teams.  Analysis, Quantification and Prioritisation of Improvement Suggestions.  Using Client Communications to Enhance and Improve Client Satisfaction.

Month 5:    The ‘So What’ Workshop: Introduction and Practice.  Sharing Ideal Client Profiles, Problem Identification, Benefits and USP.  Referral Partner Clarity and Consistency of Message Across all Media.

Month 6:    The Proactive Referral and Appointment Setting Process:  Pairing to Agree How to Make Introductions.  Agree Scope and Success Criteria – Responsibilities and Time Scales.

Month 6+    As decided by the group:  Review Referral Process, Business Advice, Peer Assisted Problem Solving.

At each meeting we will endeavour to introduce a valuable and thought-provoking Business Development item for the group to work on and where necessary, work to address any business issues that are hampering progress.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.