Cyber Security Workshop


Why Should You Worry About GDPR?
If you have clients, employees or suppliers, they trust and expect you and your staff, to keep their personal information safe.  Most businesses owners don’t appreciate how much data they control, where it is stored and who could access it.  This data, in many cases, is a huge untapped source of powerful business information, information that could be used to help you make better management decisions with more successful outcomes… unlocking hidden trends and intelligence about your business, reducing overheads, increasing sales and ultimately profitability.

The GDPR makes protecting information a legal requirement.  Come along on the 27th September and learn when and how to identify and manage data risks, the potential consequences for not doing this and how to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment to help you manage risks in your business data. 
Speaker:  Mike Kilby of Xynics Data Solutions Ltd

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Simple Practical Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Client's Personal Data.
As a business owner you need to get your GDPR compliance in shape. Gerrard will explain how GDPR underpins all your good practice to keep information safe.  You will receive invaluable tips and ideas on the simple things you can do and what you need to do when things go wrong. Do you need to report it to the ICO? What do you need to tell your customers? And much more.
Speaker:  Gerrard Fisher of Astrid Data Protection

What You And Those Who Work For You Didn't Realise.
If you (or your team), knew what a criminal with a mobile phone can do in plain daylight, you would think twice and take precautions before logging on to check your email whilst in a public place.  Have you (or your staff), ever used a WiFi connection in a public place?  Discover just how easy it is for a criminal to create a Free WiFi hotspot that looks and acts just like the real thing whilst stealing your login details.  Have you (or those who have access to your company's data), ever thought about how easy it is for someone to watch over your shoulder to record every single keystroke and the detail on your screen from more than half a mile away with a camera any one of us could buy tomorrow? 
Speaker:  Joe 'The Hacker' Burns - The Ethical 'White Hat' Hacker

Before, During and After a Cyber Attack - What Actually Happens.
Your greatest opportunity to fight against a Cyber Attack is education. Most business owners take the snippets from the news which only use sensational headlines to sell stories.  By understanding how an attack is planned and executed, you can substantially increase your chances of thwarting an attempt to access your network.
Speaker:  Jon Newlyn - Edward James Associates

What You Didn't Know About Cyber Security Insurance
You insure your home, your car, your business, your phone, your pets, you even insure your holiday, so when the financial risk of a data breach or a Cyber Security Attack can literally put many businesses out of business - why do so few take steps to protect themselves when the risk of attack is increasing all the time?  Discover what you can and cannot insure and the innocent mistakes that can invalidate your insurance.

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