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Enquir3 partner with innovative, forward-looking accountants to help business owners, (clients and non-clients alike), increase sales and profits.

Businesses fail to 'Engage' with clients and prospects because they struggle to create and use meaningful 'Content' to build relationships. 

Steve Darnell's presentation about Client Engagement was really good. I don't think we think too much about how we sell to and deal with our clients. The information about best practice was very interesting. Steve was a good speaker,...
Client details withheld
Company Comment:
Thankyou for your kind words Devie. I’m very passionate about developing businesses of all sizes...

Enquir3, conduct Client Engagement Interviews, the results deliver:

  • Insight: The causes of client dissatisfaction.
  • Engagement: Improved Satisfaction and Retention.
  • Cross Sales: Happy clients buy more.
  • Referrals: Happy clients also pass more referrals.
  • Content: Happy clients provide lots of 'content': Testimonials, Case Studies and Blog/News material.

Enquir3 can show you how to maximize 'Client Engagement' or we can do it all for you. Your happy clients become even happier and they are usually delighted to share the reasons for their satisfaction with others.

'Managing Content' is time-consuming and a costly overhead. So whether you manage the 'Engagement Process' yourself, or have Enquir3 do it for you, our unique suite of 'Marketing Automation' tools makes the entire process child's play.

No one person or company can be an expert in everything. Our expertise is in Client Engagement and systematic business growth. Forming Business Mastermind Groups and working with accountants means we and our partners can deliver all the expertise you or your business needs to thrive and prosper.

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