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The event was easy to understand and relevant to my needs. I wanted to learn something new, and you always learn something when you go to these events. The event centred around knowing your numbers so I'm trying to make more effort to get my top line numbers every month.
Company Comment:Thank you Ross for your insightful feedback. Ross Beatie is the managing Director of UK Brand Sales in Wellingborough. UK Brand Sales have 30 years’ experience in working with major UK retailers, they have a high calibre hand picked team that fully understand the demands of today’s retailers both in food and non-food. It is reassuring to know that the information was easy to understand and you went away having learned something new. As accountants we are up to date on everything tax and business management, so are constantly providing our customers with something new to learn. Once again Ross, thank you and I look forward to seeing you at future events, Sean Farnell, Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Ross Beatie
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Food Distributer
Company:UK Brand Sales
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
I liked the obvious knowledge and expertise of the speakers and how they put the information across in ways that made it interesting. From the point of view of The Marketing Centre we like the initiative that Burgis & Bullock have developed in trying to get local business people together, but it's a little bit difficult for us as we have an independent transparency policy which makes it a little difficult for us to get more involved than we are. I also have other business interests outside The Marketing Centre so I thought it would be interesting to come along and explore that side of it. I learnt some good information from the speakers. I think the talk on the numbers was particularly well done. It showed us that what the numbers might initially seem to be demonstrating, if you dig a bit deeper and know what to look for, might lead you to different conclusion. The session from Brian Jerome on the funding highlighted some alternatives that it's potentially useful to be aware of for my clients. It was all done in an engaged way which I think was helpful. I made a few useful connections as well. It's one of the reasons to attend these sorts of events. I don't think at the moment I can get more formally involved at The Marketing Centre, but I might consider getting more involved with some of my other businesses. I'll certainly be giving that more thought over the next few months. There's a particular project I'm working on at the moment that I might talk to Burgis & Bullock about and see their thoughts on it, so that's something I'm interested in taking forward.
Company Comment:Thank you Peter for your kind feedback. Peter Scofield is a Part Time Marketing Director at The Marketing Centre in Leamington Spa. The Marketing Centre is the UK’s number one provider of part-time proven Marketing Directors to ambitious businesses, they provide an experienced professional plugged-into the business on a long-term part-time basis. It is great to hear that you found the information presented interesting and engaging. We are accountants that are focused on your future and will fuel your business ambitions. If you need experienced marketing advice give The Marketing Centre a call. If you are looking to move your business forward them call us for business development advice. Once again Peter, thank you and I look forward to working on future projects together, Sean Farnell, Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Peter Schofield
Job Title:Part Time Marketing Director
Company:The Marketing Centre
Town:Leamington Spa
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
I liked what I learned from the event; I thought it was very informative on the part of all the speakers. I learned quite a lot and it was very useful. I had no expectations. I was invited and went out of interest. It was a useful event to go to.
Company Comment:Thank you so much Sean for your valuable feedback. Sean Byrne is a partner at Band Hatton Button in Coventry. Band Hatton Button is a leading law firm in Coventry and Warwickshire, they cover a wide range of legal issues for both businesses and individuals. It is comforting to know that you found the speakers very informative, as accountants we will always try our best to be as informative as possible without talking jargon. If you need legal advice give Band Hatton Button a call. If you need business development assistance give us a call. Once again thank you Sean, I look forward working with you more in the future, Sean Farnell, Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Sean Byrne
Job Title:Partner
Company:Band Hatton Button
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
It didn't assume I knew everything and gave me insight, and the ability, to look at my business in a different way, which was refreshing. I didn't really know what I was going to get although I knew it would be something. It's nice to get exposure with other like minded individuals. It's good to network as you never know when there might be crossover. As a business owner it's always good to get exposure. We're new to Burgis & Bullock so it was good to see their office and see how they do things, to reinforce the decision I've made; It's always a daunting decision moving accountants but I feel reassured in that decision. I think the main thing I took away from the event was the ability to look at the figures that we have as a company in a different way. I've always looked at them in method A if you like and they've shown me methods B and C, which spins it on it's head to show it in a new way. I also liked the little mantra; Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is reality. It's nice to have these little things and the words to live by.
Company Comment:Thank you so much Katherine for your lovely feedback. Katherine Frowen is the Director of Intaforensics in Nuneaton. IntaForensics are one of the leading digital forensics and cyber security consultancies in the UK, they are fast growing with national coverage and have been providing expertise, software and services for over 10 years. As you accountants it is a pleasure to know that we have reinforced you decision to move your business to us and that the event gave you a different insight into your business. As accountants we take pride in serving our local business community and with Intaforensics we are doing just that. If you need Cyber security give Intaforensics a call. If you need business improvement advice give us a call. Once again Katherine, thank you and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future, Sean Farnell, Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Katherine Frowen
Job Title:Director
Sector:Experts in Digital Evidence
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
I liked the quality of the speakers. I thought the first chap, from Burgis & Bullock, was very good. I thought the mingling conversations between sessions and at the beginning and end was very good; It was nice to be able to network and talk in a very open way. I liked that unstructured 'you can all just talk now' approach. I was a guest of Oliver who does the VoIP telecom setup for the group. He invited me to see if it was something I would be interested in, so I was there to scope out what type of people and companies were there and what makes them tick. It was exploratory for me. There was some useful information from the financial chap talking about ratios that was quite interesting, and I've still got his document on my desk. It was more sussing out the group of companies to see if its something I want to get involved in. It was a good session and if other firms were looking into getting into a niche network referring group I think it would be a good one to go for.
Name:Rupert Davey
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Cannon Tomlinson Mansley Ltd
Service(s) Provided:
The Finance Seminar delivered by Burgis & Bullock’s Business Mastermind Group was very relaxed and informal, but very informative and professional. It was held in lovely offices, in a nice location and the staff at the office were all very welcoming, which is really reassuring when you don’t know anyone. The information presented by all the speakers at the Seminar was excellent! I learnt quite a lot about accounting , and I had a few questions which were answered during the Seminar which was great. The added bonus what that I met a few other people, (business owners), in the room who I didn't know previously and I now have a new potential client which is great.
Company Comment:Thank you Elizabeth for your Insightful feedback. Elizabeth Mee is the Business Development Manager of Absolute Works in Kenilworth. Absolute Works provide HR services to a broad range of sectors that they have experience in, whatever your business they can offer the solutions that best support your business. Having seen their client feedback it is clear they adapt to each client perfectly. If you need HR advice specific for your sector give Absolute Works a call. If you require assistance building your business give us a call. Once again thank you Elizabeth, I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future, Sean Farnell, Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Elizabeth Mee
Job Title:Business Development Manager
Company:Absolute Works
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
I liked the atmosphere in which the event was set, and the opportunity to network both before and after the event. There was some very good quality information relayed during the presentations, and all the speakers conveyed that very well. I attended because I was looking to join the Mastermind Group and to network with some of the people I'd recently met. I took away the ratios that Sean presented. He very clearly explained the key ratios that I should be looking at in my business.
Company Comment:Thank you so much Gerard for your wonderful feedback. Gerard Duggan is the Director of Utilitrack in Bedford. Utilitrack provide the best deals for businesses when it comes to business utilities like gas and electricity, they do this through their excellent partnerships with most of the UK’s utility providers. Having both used their services and seen their client feedback it is clear that they partner excellently with their clients too. If you need help sorting out your business utilities give Utilitrack a call. If you are after business development advice give us a call. Once again thank you Gerard, I look forward to our future partnership, Sean Farnell - Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Gerard Duggan
Job Title:Director
Sector:Utilities Brokers
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
I thought the event I attended on 6th June was really good; I really enjoyed it. I'll almost certainly attend the next one. I had a completely and utterly open mind. The only ulterior motive I had was to meet somebody from Burgis & Bullock as another business colleague had suggested I might like to do business with them in time. I liked the topic of conversation and the presentations, I liked the fact that I got a copy of the presentation afterwards, and I liked meeting like minded people.
Company Comment:Thank you so much Jonathan for your kind feedback. Jonathan Douglass is the Director of Douglass Motors Ltd in Rugby. Douglass Motors Ltd has always been a family run business and with 40 years’ experience in the motor trade specialising in 4x4’s, they provide a high quality service to their customers, whether this be supplying quality vehicles or replacement genuine parts. As accountants we do our best to provide a quality service, so it is great to see you enjoyed the event and intend to attend the next one, it is also encouraging that you met like minded people. Thank you again Jonathan, I look forward to doing business with you in the future and seeing you at the next event, Sean Farnell - Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Jonathan Douglass
Job Title:Director
Sector:Specialists in 4 wheel drive and land rovers
Company:Douglass Motors Ltd.
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
Overall I found the event very helpful and very useful. I like to have presentations on the latest digital news and what's going on so the Google guy was a very good one for me. Having just joined a new organisation who are signed up to Enquir3 I wanted to see what it was all about. It was very useful to understand a lot more about what's on offer and of course it's good to meet people.
Name:Lisa Wood
Service(s) Provided:
I liked the uniqueness of the presentations. I found the one with the cartoon, Tickling Trout, very interesting as I hadn't seen that before. You go to a lot of these events and it's all the same sorts of things so it was nice to see something a bit different. The closeness of the venue to us was appealing and I think the topic as well was relevant. I think the marketing approaches were thought provoking. I also went away with information on the potential use of Google and also contacts as well i.e. other people in the room.
Company Comment:Thank you so much Mike for your wonderful feedback. Mike Wylde is the Operations Director of Absolute works in Kenilworth, Absolute works make HR and employment law painless and stress free in a way that their team become an integral part of your team for the day to day running of your business and I happen to know their client satisfaction is totally off the scale. If you need painless HR or employment law advice then contact Absolute works today. If you want to know more about building your business give us a call. Thank you again Mike, I look forward to working with you more in the future, Sean Farnell, Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Mike Wylde
Job Title:Operations Director
Company:Absolute Works
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops