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All the content was very good at the Burgis and Bullock Business Development Workshop. There were lots of different speakers to retain your interest too. The subject matter was what tempted me to attend in the first place. I was interested not only in online marketing but also what you do afterwards, once you've done the online marketing!
Company Comment:Thank you Charles for your glowing feedback. Charles McKay is the Associate Director of EFM in London. EFM provide ‘pay as you go’ financial management services to businesses that want the benefits of a Financial Director without paying a full-time salary. Having seen their client feedback, their clients have only positives to say, therefore if you need the help of a part time FD to guide your financial strategy give EFM a call. If you are looking to build your business then give us a call. Once again thank you so much Charles for your feedback and I look forward to any future work together, Sean Farnell Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Charles McKay
Job Title:Associate Director
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
The Burgis and Bullock Business Development workshop was different and innovative. The speakers were good and it was a unique opportunity to understand Google's strategy. Ray watson invited me, so I knew it would be good. I think the fact that Google presented over video-link from Ireland was great and that will be the future, so we can all avoid so much travelling, but still be able to convey the message.
Company Comment:Thank you so much Connor for your great feedback. Connor O’Daley is the Managing Director of Asset Preservation Partnership in Theale. Asset Preservation Partnership provide bespoke tax advice to businesses and high net worth individuals to help them keep hold of their hard earned wealth. As the saying goes, you have to pay tax, but you don’t need to pay a tip. Thank you again Connor, your positive comments are much appreciated, Sean Farnell Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Connor O'Daly
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Asset Preservation Partnership
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops