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The stand out point was the Google speaker; I picked up some tips around customer search patterns and how marketing can be delivered as a video. That I didn't know. It's stimulated some thinking about how we may be able to create some viral videos.
Name:David Cross
Service(s) Provided:
The presentations were very interesting. I made notes. I was introduced by Martin Ponting of CCP for a number of reasons, but I wanted to see what B&B were about. They do seem like a really nice bunch of people and I'd like to get closer to them.
Name:Carol Rawson
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
The venue where the Business Mastermind Group was held was great. It was a lovely long winding road coming up to it through the countryside, and it was a lovely spring day, so the venue itself helped to set the mood for the meeting. There was a good mixture of solid business advice along with the opportunity to network and meet others. The main thing I took away from the Business Mastermind Group was the importance of marketing in your business. Marketing is like a chain, and there are many links in that chain, to gain & retain paying clients, and every link is important. I think is what they were really pointing out. Lead generation is futile unless/until you can travel the whole journey seamlessly. I attended the Business Mastermind Group to extend my network and my knowledge.
Company Comment:Thank you Brendan for your insightful and valuable feedback. Brendan O’Hagan is the Managing Director of Smile Colour Printing based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Smile Colour Printing are passionate about providing the highest quality printing solutions and are able to offer speedy overnight delivery, having seen their client feedback, I can tell you that their clients greatly appreciate everything they do. If you need quality printing have a look at Smile Colour Printing’s website. If building your business is of interest come to us. Again thank you Brendan, I anticipate many more years of collaboration, Sean Farnell – Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Brendan O'Hagan
Job Title:MD
Company:Smile Colour Printing
Town:County Antrim
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
It was really good that there were a few presenters at the Business Mastermind Group that they all had a good story to tell, delivering a really good presentation, that was relevant. The relevance being the key point there. I took a few things from the Business Mastermind Group. I took away the importance of storytelling. I thought that was very interesting. Also the feedback presentation from Enquir3. I also learned some key points about how Google obtain the relevant data and what they do with it, and how that's going to impact the future especially for business. I was invited to the event by someone who visited our office and told me about the event, the actual content looked very interesting. The venue was local which was helpful
Company Comment:Thank you Joy for your positive comments. Joy May is the CEO and Founder of Absolute Works in Kenilworth. Absolute Works become the in house HR team and take the pain and stress out of HR and Employment for their clients so then can focus on business growth and success rather than ‘personnel’ issues. I have seen their client feedback, their clients love them, so if you need help with HR please do give Absolute Works a call. If you need assistance with growing your business please give us a call. Joy your feedback is much appreciated and I look forward to working with you in the future. Sean Farnell, Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Joy May
Job Title:CEO
Company:Absolute Works
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
All the content was very good at the Burgis and Bullock Business Development Workshop. There were lots of different speakers to retain your interest too. The subject matter was what tempted me to attend in the first place. I was interested not only in online marketing but also what you do afterwards, once you've done the online marketing!
Company Comment:Thank you Charles for your glowing feedback. Charles McKay is the Associate Director of EFM in London. EFM provide ‘pay as you go’ financial management services to businesses that want the benefits of a Financial Director without paying a full-time salary. Having seen their client feedback, their clients have only positives to say, therefore if you need the help of a part time FD to guide your financial strategy give EFM a call. If you are looking to build your business then give us a call. Once again thank you so much Charles for your feedback and I look forward to any future work together, Sean Farnell Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Charles McKay
Job Title:Associate Director
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops
The Burgis and Bullock Business Development workshop was different and innovative. The speakers were good and it was a unique opportunity to understand Google's strategy. Ray watson invited me, so I knew it would be good. I think the fact that Google presented over video-link from Ireland was great and that will be the future, so we can all avoid so much travelling, but still be able to convey the message.
Company Comment:Thank you so much Connor for your great feedback. Connor O’Daley is the Managing Director of Asset Preservation Partnership in Theale. Asset Preservation Partnership provide bespoke tax advice to businesses and high net worth individuals to help them keep hold of their hard earned wealth. As the saying goes, you have to pay tax, but you don’t need to pay a tip. Thank you again Connor, your positive comments are much appreciated, Sean Farnell Senior Partner (Burgis & Bullock)
Name:Connor O'Daly
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Asset Preservation Partnership
Service(s) Provided: Business Development Workshops