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Making GDPR compliance simple for small businesses

All the tools and guidance you need in one place

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) puts the emphasis on businesses to prove that they are doing no harm by processing personal data and makes them more accountable for their data processing activities.  Those that ignore the legislation are not only breaking the law and face fines as a result but risk their customers’ and employees trust as well as their professional reputation.
At Astrid, we recognise that most SMEs want to do what’s right but lack the expertise and resources to confidently address GDPR compliance.  Developed with small businesses in mind, our secure online platform shows you what you need to do and gives you all the support you need to become and remain compliant.
Every stage of the process is broken into practical, manageable steps.  Our downloadable tools include data mapping and risk assessment forms, privacy statement and data protection policy templates, with each tool accompanied by clear information and guidance.  Our training suite includes a series of videos to ensure your staff understand their responsibilities and, with unique access for every employee, records who has completed their training.  We provide a log for any data breaches you experience and a repository to store your data protection documentation, ensuring this is available if you need to evidence the steps you have taken.  And on completion of activities we give you a certificate so you can demonstrate that you value and protect the personal data you hold and respect data protection laws.
Designed to be affordable for all small businesses, Astrid ensures that any sized business can comply with GDPR.  Investing a small amount of resources now could just save you lots of time and money in the long term. 
Not sure whether you currently comply?  Take our free quick GDPR test and find out in a few minutes what you already have in place and where you still need to take action.