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Gerrard Fisher - Managing Director

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Most businesses will be approaching the one-year anniversary of implementing GDPR compliant data processing and starting to consider the annual review of their compliance practices.   While you may be tempted to return to those who advised you before, you may wish to consider a second opinion.  Often another point of view can reveal things that were missed, or better ways of doing something.

As specialist data experts, Astrid Data Protrection have worked with businesses of all sizes and industries, to help them meet their compliance obligations, but there are still businesses out there struggling to reach compliance.  We even employ our own certified Data Protection Practitioners (a certification recognised by the Law Society and Bar Council), so you can be confident that the advice and guidance we provide is sound.

Data Compliance is about much more than the GDPR it is a way of life for business, a change in the way businesses can use data before, and a risk-based approach to handling personal data now.  The biggest risks of course being the potential large fines and reputational damage of getting it wrong. 

Astrid Data Protrection are a specialist data consultancy who pride themselves on getting to know their clients business and providing a personal, tailored solution to all of your data needs, consolidating data in a business intelligence solution to drive decision making, strategy and profitability.

Data is our passion and our business.  We live and breathe data, day in and day out.  With in-house Data Protection Practitioners and extensive experience in data and data processing across virtually every business sector and function, Astrid Data Protrection are uniquely positioned to understand your business needs, data flows and legislation to ensure the advice and guidance we provide helps you meet your business objectives and comply with legislation.