Membership - Joining Instructions (Terms & Conditions)

You can download a copy of the terms here. (Updated 29th August 2019)


Welcome to the Burgis & Bullock Business Mastermind Group, we look forward to working with you.  The purpose of this document is to clarify our overall objectives, to ensure you have the information you need and to help everyone get to know each other.  

Key Objectives of the Business Mastermind Group

Our primary objective is to help business owners enjoy greater success, to create more meaningful, fulfilling employment and to facilitate the creation of superior goods and services for consumers and businesses alike.

More specifically the groups will

Get help solving problems – like the expression there is nothing new under the sun – all business challenges have been identified and solved at some time in the past.  Gather an expert group and you’ll find the skillset to identify and solve most day to day challenges.  Access to other business groups via Burgis & Bullock will find solutions to the most difficult challenges experienced by members.

Create a system for your business - read any business book and you’ll find a systemised business is one that has significant additional value and means you run the business and not the other way around.  Why do most businesses struggle at this – because it is not part of the technical work of the business – it’s the business of the technical work.  And therefore, for most entrepreneurs, it is not the most exciting activity – however, lasting value and real freedom of choice exist once you’ve got a systemised business.

Business Mastermind Operating System (BMOS) involves creating, refining and implementing the following:

  • Vision – A business without a vision is operating in the dark
  • Processes – Does everyone know what to do and why they do it
  • Data - Understand your figures – understand your business
  • Issues – A business that solves issues grows.
  • People – It’s the teamwork that makes the dream work
  • Momentum – Newtons 2nd law of motion
  • Realising Business Potential - Whilst creating a systemised business a business should also be increasing its effectiveness, we will do this by defining where we are now, creating goals, defining actions and reporting results (via Key Performance Indicators).

Working on a significant value proposition for your business including strategies to help you:

  • Increase the number of Leads
  • Increase the Conversion rate
  • Increasing average sales values
  • Increasing Profit Margins
  • Increasing Sales Frequency
  • Increase referrals
  • Increasing average lifetime of your clients

You will be expected to present your business to fellow groups businesses and to be ready to educate potential clients on the benefits they could enjoy if they understood and addressed the problems or issues in which you and your company are expert. We will help and guide you through this process with structured learning as well as group support and feedback.

Make new friends – Not an essential aim of the group but a beneficial by-product.   Running a business can be a lonely place – so caring, sharing and daring with friends will significantly improve your sense of purpose and passion for your business.

Meeting Dates, Timing and Location

Unless otherwise advised, all Business Mastermind Group meetings will take place at Burgis and Bullock’s Leamington Spa office:  23 – 25 Waterloo Place, Warwick Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 5LA.

Meetings take place monthly from 8.30 to 12.30 with the ability to speak with our expert facilitators between meetings.

Technology Used to Support the Groups Operation and Communications

The Group uses a combination of technology to support the group operations and communications:

  • Communications:    As well as email, the group will use WhatsApp for communications.
  • Website:    The BMG Group has a website at which includes details of our expert Supplier Partners and business specialists who are available to you as part of your membership in the event that you require expert advice and assistance.You are invited to make recommendations, suggestions and provide news and blog items as well as any other content that will help you and the group in general achieve our mutual objectives.
  • Smartsheets:    This is used to manage events and seminars and to share communication materials as required.
  • Eventbrite:    The group has a dedicated Eventbrite account to manage bookings and attendance at events.
  • Teams:        Please note we are evaluating Microsoft Teams as a suite of tools for communications and file sharing.  If you have specific, relevant experience of using Teams and would like to be involved in the evaluation and potential deployment, please let us know.

Personal Development and Training for You and Your Key Team Members

Your success and the success of the group is of paramount importance.  

You and your key staff should also attend the Business Mastermind Group meetings to benefit from the business growth, personal and professional training and development and to help you implement changes and improvements in your business as you continually strive to be better and more successful.

You have the ability to bring one additional Team member to each and every Mastermind Group meeting or ask up to 2 people from your organisation to substitute for you in the event that you are unable to attend a monthly meeting.


Your B&B Supplier Business Mastermind Group membership fees of £297 plus VAT will be invoiced by BB-BMG Ltd on the 1st of each month for that month’s membership and must be paid via Direct Debit.

By attending a taster session, you will automatically be assumed to be joining the group as a full member and added to the following month’s membership invoice run. You can obviously opt-out of the membership in advance of any payment becoming due.


If in any month you feel you have not received value from your membership of the group, any fees paid in that month will be refunded in full, every penny, no questions asked.

Suspension and Termination

Membership will be suspended in the event of membership fees being unpaid for a period of 30 days or longer. Whilst suspended members will not be eligible to attend meetings, present to fellow group members or other BMG groups until all membership fees have been brought up to date.

You can terminate your membership at any time by writing to any of the Group’s key contacts. Your termination will be deemed effective from the end of the month in which notice is received.