Tickling Trout

Making the Cold Call Obsolete

Marketing, when done properly should make the cold call obsolete.  You remember what you understand and we only have a few seconds to grab your attention.  So, keep it simple and talk about the ONE BIG THING.

  • A typical product from APPLE is about TOUCH.
  • A typical product from GOOGLE is about FIND.

We find YOUR ONE BIG THING so people remember you and your cold call is no longer cold.

We are a Specialist Marketing Agency who ARE NOT MARKETEERS.  We are salesmen who understand that marketing is an integral part of selling.  Marketing is a process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers.  Marketing might sometimes be interpreted as the art of selling products, but selling is only a small fraction of marketing.

I was very impressed by the original prospect email and in no way disappointed by the application of the process to produce my first company video. David and his team were approachable, helpful and good humored in the way they assisted me in...
Client details withheld

We specialise in producing bespoke dynamic illustrations, an engaging whiteboard illustrated video that’s custom made for you and your message. It’s a compelling way to explain your message and stand out from the competition. Proven to be four times more effective than headshot videos; it simplifies complicated procedures and messages so prospects can take action.

Problems Addressed

There are so many great products and services available that fail because they are unable to get the message across to their audience succinctly and simply.  How good is your elevator pitch?  Can you deliver it between one floor or do you need the Empire State Building to get your message across?

We take your product or service and distil your message down to less than 500 words in a punchy and sharp script.  We then outline what we intend to draw for each paragraph and, once you have chosen your voiceover (from a choice of 40) we record the drawings and script and edit it all together into a succinct (and sometimes humorous) explainer video.

Each Dynamic Illustration is covered by our quadruple guarantee, we have delivered over 300 and not used the guarantee once!

Your message drawn – Your audience drawn in

About Tickling Trout®

David Hopkins – Director

The dovetail of the team, doesn’t really do detail, unless it’s closing a deal! Doesn’t understand networking meetings as he ‘networks’ all-day long.

David left school and went straight into full time employment for a Southampton based cash register distributor. Whilst he was initially taken on to learn the industry his gift for sales quickly became apparent.  Since then he has gone on to work for companies such as Microcache; (family-based leisure management supplier) where he was head of sales and marketing, the company later sold in 2001 for £8.2 million.  He continued his career in technology which culminated in a sales meeting with Jon Newlyn whereby they ran away together to form Tickling Trout®.

Jon Newlyn – Director

Once a geek, always a geek! After a career with the largest PC communications vendor in the world, Jon helped set up Tickling Trout® to deliver marketing service that he would like, as a salesman, to receive. Simple, measurable and something that makes a difference to the bottom line.

Jon had his baptism in sales after a year in Halfords and then 8 years at the company now called Alliance. Here his interest in computers led him to develop his career in mainframe operations.  He then joined one of the largest food companies in the world to manage scheduled work on their mainframe and mini systems.

However, the lure of a dealership (and new car!) was so strong he later joined the world’s largest PC communications manufacturer (now the UKs largest Software company) and then a little later down the line a software vendor backed by Citrix where he met David.

Then they ran away together to form Tickling Trout® and the rest, as they say, is history.